Linnet Bear

Runcorn FC Halton would like to introduce Linnet Bear. Linnet Bear will feature in forthcoming programmes as he goes on tour around the world. He has already been to two far away countries and is off on his travels again next week. Why not buy a programme to find out where he has been? The first photos will be in programme 2.

We want fans to offer to take Linnet Bear with them if they go abroad to a country he has not visited. Our aim is to send him to as many countries as possible to have his photo taken at a well known location. If you are off on holiday abroad and can help out please contact Derek Greenwood for the loan of Linnet Bear.
Here is Linnet Bear pictured in Stanley Park in Vancouver in front of the famous totem poles. He got a warm welcome from the tourists who saw him! Some were quite amused to see him having his picture taken but a few more folks have heard of Runcorn now!
Here is Linnet Bear pictured overlooking the beach at Waikiki in Honolulu on the Hawaiian island of Oahu, and wearing the famous lei.

Oahu is famous for Pearl Harbour which was attacked in 1941 by the Japanese and for the Diamond Head volcanic crater.
To continue his travels, Linnet Bear decided to visit Australia to meet up with some relatives, so he went to Perth in Western Australia, which incidentally is the most isolated city in the world.

As you can see from his photograph though, it was very overcast as it is currently winter in Australia. So after a week or so in Perth, he soon moved on to somewhere else where the sun was shining…
Having visited relatives in Perth, Linnet Bear took the opportunity to visit friends on the eastern side of Australia which was much warmer.

He is pictured here on the Gold Coast, which is about an hour’s drive south of Brisbane in Queensland. The Gold Coast is where the Aussies go on holiday as it has an average of 300 days sunshine a year!
Since returning from his world tour of Canada, Hawaii and Australia, Linnet Bear has had his feet up for a while before setting off on his travels again to far flung places. But during his time back in England he did take time out to visit one of his favourite seaside resorts when he recently went to Blackpool to visit the illuminations. Here he is pictured one night in front of Blackpool Tower.
Since his stop-over in Blackpool for the illuminations, the much travelled Linnet Bear has been off to Southern Spain. Here he is pictured in front of the splendid Cathedral and Mosque in Cordoba. The building is a magnificent piece of architecture used jointly by Christian and Islam religions. The original building dates back to the 8th Century. The patio in front of the building is filled with orange trees. Linnet Bear was very impressed!
After visiting the Cathedral in Cordoba, Linnet Bear stayed on in Southern Spain and went to visit the magnificent cathedral of Seville. The most amazing feature of the cathedral is the central nave which rises to an incredible 42 metres. Its total area covers 11,520 square metres making it the largest church in the world. The cathedral is also famous for the tomb of the explorer Christopher Columbus. Linnet Bear had a great time in Spain but since then he has been back out to Australia again.

To keep up-to-date with where he has been buy a copy of Linnets Review. Once the photos have appeared in the programme you will then be able to find them on this page.

Join in the fun! Take Linnet Bear to a new destination for us.